It’s not that we forget it’s only that we fail to experience

What Comes Next?

There are forces much larger than us. Galaxies form. Planets die. G-d raises life from the non-living and allows life to extinguish itself. We dance a brief performance on a stage so dimly lit. When it all goes wrong, what does it really matter? We still must dance. We still must breathe. We must go… Continue reading What Comes Next?

It’s Not Just About Them

So much went wrong for so long, and now this. What is my role in turning it around? What is in my power right now?


It’s not enough to show what’s been done wrong. It’s not enough to point out who has done wrong. It is our place to ask ourselves, “what shall we do with this”? What has brought me to the place to witness this and what shall I do with my experience? Words matter. Truth matters. Standing… Continue reading Personal

Lord Business

My heroes were always the creative types : John Lennon, Perry Ferrel, Picasso, Jasper Johns… Never the athletes and certainly not the businessmen. That lasted for about 25 years or so. I don’t know when I discovered business, but it was probably sometime in my 20s. And I came to the awareness that business is… Continue reading Lord Business

Going the Distance

Dream.  Collect the vision in your mind of something far away.  Reach for it with your soul. Reach for it with a longing for a thing that is very, very far away but still somehow close enough to touch.  That desire and hope for what is just barely feasibly in your reach is the true… Continue reading Going the Distance