Note to My Great Grandchildren

h/t @terrycrews

I have almost nothing from mine, and if they had left some wisdom for me, I would be glad to have it.  So I will take this moment to share with you.

I have been grateful to be in a position where other people drive me places.  It has been one of the greatest things I have done this year (2017).  Midway through this year, I parked my car and began taking buses and trains to work.  This also lead me to walk much more and gave me a great deal more time to think, to listen to books, watch movies, and many other things that have given me great pleasure and set a mood of greater inner peace.  I wish this all for you.

I do not know what future devices will distract you from the simple pleasures of a cold wind on your face in winter, an unexpected friend who slows to offer you a ride, or simply the joy of being lost in thought as you walk from one place to another.  But I wish all of these things for you. I wish you joy, good health and freedom from all sorrow.

Votre Great-Grand-Pere.